ShoeZap UltraViolet Shoe Sanitizer
ShoeZap UltraViolet Shoe Sanitizer
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ShoeZap UltraViolet Shoe Sanitizer

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  • ShoeZap Clinically Proven Germicidal Light Technology 15 Minute UV (Ultraviolet) Shoe Sanitizer that Kills Odor:
  • Helps keep shoes 'microscopically clean', hygienic and odor free, without the use of toxic chemicals
  • 15 minute automatic off time cycle
  • ShoeZap UV shoe sanitizer comes in one size that fits all sizes and styles of footwear, including closed toe and open toe styles
  • Does not damage leather or synthetic leather materials
  • Kills the fungus and bacteria that causes many common foot conditions, foot and shoe odor and more
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