ZERO-G Heel Pillow
ZERO-G Heel Pillow
ZERO-G Heel Pillow
ZERO-G Heel Pillow
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ZERO-G Heel Pillow

BY NY Orthopedic SKU NYO9900
  • Cushioned design off-loads heels into air, preventing pressure sores and providing relief from them.
  • Convoluted surface securely and comfortably positions both legs, relaxing the spine and decreasing lower back pain.
  • Breathable, low-shear, stretch cover with Antimicrobial protection reduces friction.
  • Slip resistant bottom prevents sliding.
  • Optional gel-pack reduces gel migration and dissipates metabolic heat, continuously maintaining a cool interface between the body and cushion.
  • Available strap option secures cushion to bed.
  • Wipe clean surface.
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