Monoject Magellan Hypodermic Safety Needles
Monoject Magellan Hypodermic Safety Needles
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Monoject Magellan Hypodermic Safety Needles

BY Covidien SKU CVN8881811510
  • Easy to use, practical and intuitive one-handed activation via multiple methods (finger, thumb or surface) for clinical flexibility
  • Even if bent inadvertently, safety shield provides 360-degree protection after activation to improve safety during use and downstream workers after disposal
  • Audible and tactile click confirms safety activation and ready to be discarded in an approved sharps container
  • Safety shield is an integral part of the needle hub, reducing the possibility of removal in accordance with OSHA standards
  • Bevel orientation facilitates injection technique; if the safety shield faces up, the needle bevel also faces up
  • Inspected multiple times throughout the manufacturing process to ensure optimum quality
  • Designed to simplify safety technology standardization throughout your facility
  • Not manufactured with DEHP or natural rubber latex
  • Sterile, single-use and individually package
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