Splash Bath Lift
Splash Bath Lift
Splash Bath Lift
Splash Bath Lift
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Splash Bath Lift

BY Lumex SKU GF5033A-1
  • Optimizes legroom by allowing Splash to fit close to the back of a tub
  • Maximizes water immersion for improved personal hygiene
  • Offers a safe bathing experience
  • Can be easily operated by users with small hands and/or limited dexterity
  • Monitors battery power, preventing descent when low
  • Simple to clean surfaces with limited crevices
  • Trim and lightweight for easy moving and handling
  • Offers quick and uncomplicated fitting and removal from the bath in one complete unit
  • Provides ultimate ease of carrying
  • Can be stored in even the smallest of spaces
  • Blends discreetly into any bathroom environment
  • Barely noticeable when stored in its lowest position in the bath
  • Provides a fresh, non medical appearance in the home
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