SpiroScout SP PC Based Spirometry System
SpiroScout SP PC Based Spirometry System
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SpiroScout SP PC Based Spirometry System

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  • Ease-of-use, just change mouthpiece and get started
  • Real-time exhaled gas determination with a resistance free ScoutTube®
  • Real-time ATP/BTPS calculation: The correction factors are calculated during the measurement and the environmental conditions printed on the report
  • Calibration free ultrasound flow sensor saving time and allowing for more tests to be done during a work day
  • OSHA Compliant to the most recent requirements
  • ATS/ERS Compliance Evaluation fully conforms to Gold Standards
  • Ease-to-clean, no cross-contamination. Don’t need to be near the patient to see the results
  • Maintenance free, clean and high-precision via ULTRASOUND Technology
  • Portable, perform measurements in the office, the clinic, or the field, wherever you need them
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