Sofia RSV Fluorescent Immunoassay Test Kit
Sofia RSV Fluorescent Immunoassay Test Kit
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Sofia RSV Fluorescent Immunoassay Test Kit

BY Quidel SKU QLCN20260
  • Detects RSV nucleoprotein antigen with exceptional accuracy, offering confidence in rapid diagnosis
  • Easy to perform testing for individuals under 7 years of age
  • Influenza A+B compatibility
  • Adapts to varying testing volumes, ensuring efficient use in different settings
  • Self-contained test cassette
  • Delivers the precise sample volume required for accurate results
  • Eliminates subjectivity and human error in result interpretation
  • Contains everything needed for testing with Sofia or Sofia 2 analyzers, eliminating the need for additional equipment
  • No refrigeration required, saving valuable space and eliminating the need to warm up reagents before use
  • Provides accurate results in as little as 3 minutes, leading to faster treatment decisions and improved patient outcomes
  • Streamlined workflow with dual work modes and compatibility for both RSV and Influenza A+B testing
  • CLIA waived and self-contained test cassette ensure convenient and user-friendly testing
  • Fixed-volume pipette and objective results minimize potential errors and ensure reliable diagnoses
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