Sentry Monitor
Sentry Monitor
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Sentry Monitor

BY Stanley Senior Technologies SKU UMP91621
  • Bed, Chair and Floor Mat Compatible. Use the UMP Sentry to monitor individuals in a variety of settings. A visual indicator shows remaining life on the pad.
  • Optional Wireless Remote Reset. Caregivers can reset the monitor remotely using a wireless reset device.
  • Low Battery Indicator. The monitor will alert you when it’s time to replace the single 9V battery. Alternatively, the UMP Sentry can be powered with an optional DC adapter.
  • Secure, Tamper-Resistant Design. The UMP Sentry has no off/on switch, ensuring that it can’t be powered off. Dual-button reset and hidden delay switches also discourage tampering.
  • Nurse Call Integration. Connect the monitor to a nurse call system for central monitoring and silent alarming.
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