Alcor Sentinelplus® Pump
Alcor Sentinelplus® Pump
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Alcor Sentinelplus® Pump

  • It has an easy-to-read LED display and an easy-to-use keypad. Users can activate many functions with a single touch.
  • The unique rotor shape helps indicate pump operation from a distance.
  • The pump has a built-in pole clamp that allows patient mobility. The pump can also be loaded with one hand.
  • Drop-detection technology
  • It has two clear, large display windows that can be read from a distance. The display brightness can also be adjusted for day or night operation.
  • Anti-free flow protection
  • It keeps a record of the accumulated amount of formula delivered over several feedings.
  • The pump has audible and visible alarms that are readily differentiated. The alarms alert the user when the battery is low, when the formula container is empty, or when the line is occluded. The alarms also alert the user when the dose is complete and in the event of formula excess flow.
  • It has advanced software that retains pump history only until manually erased. This feature ensures that the pump history is not lost in the event of a power failure or when the pump is turned off.
  • It has a cord wrap plate that allows for safe, easy storage of the power cord while the patient is mobile.
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