R1 Shock-Proof Black, Velcro Cuff (Adult)
R1 Shock-Proof Black, Velcro Cuff (Adult)
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R1 Shock-Proof Black, Velcro Cuff (Adult)

BY Riester SKU REST1250-107
  • Exact precision that lasts! Made in Germany.
  • Patented (pending) shock-proof technology to height of 120cm / 4 feet
  • Patented (pending) air duct stability, to ensure precise needle movement
  • Fast, ergonomic inflation due to optimized bulb design with integrated spoon
  • Non-resistant opening of air release valve ensures precise and comfortable operation
  • 5 years warranty on calibration measurement.
  • Focus Green Silver 2008 Design Award
  • Scale: Ø 52 mm white face with blue pointer or black face with red fluorescent pointer
  • Two-component ABS casing
  • Metal threaded tube connection at the top of the casing for fast cuff exchange and ergonomic design
  • Maximum error tolerance of +/- 3 mm Hg
  • Incl. Vinyl zippered bag
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