Prosphyg 768, Pocket Aneroid Sphyg
Prosphyg 768, Pocket Aneroid Sphyg
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Prosphyg 768, Pocket Aneroid Sphyg

  • This modern black enamel manometer boasts a 300mmHg reading precision and delivers consistent, reliable performance exceeding industry norms
  • Adcuff nylon cuff features ADC's Size Guide marking system, reducing the risk of incorrect measurements
  • A precision-crafted chrome-plated brass air release valve allows for precise adjustments
  • The included case for the Prosphyg 768 sphygmomanometer is extra-large and boasts two pockets, measuring 10” x 6” x 3”, with a color matching the device
  • Constructed without natural rubber latex
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