PressureGuard Bariatric APM Control Unit
PressureGuard Bariatric APM Control Unit
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PressureGuard Bariatric APM Control Unit

BY Span America SKU SPA7500
  • Timed (20-minute) Auto Firm mode
  • 10 electronically-controlled comfort settings
  • Programmable cycle times of 20, 25 or 30 minutes
  • Low pressure indicator and audible alarm
  • Bariatric surface with 750 lbs. weight limit suitable for aggressive treatment
  • Prevention of pressure ulcers in immobile/high risk users (through Stage IV)
  • Alternating Pressure therapy with gentle, effective pressure changes
  • Head-to-foot air cylinders for better pressure reduction
  • Better support in seat area when head of bed is raised
  • Individual foam cells accommodate bony prominences
  • 2" deep topper reduces shear to underlying tissues
  • More than 800 individually-articulating cells
  • Redistributes pressure, reduces heat and skin moisture buildup
  • Heel Slope™ designed to further reduce heel pressure
  • Patented inner bolster "cradling effect" for user safety
  • Unmatched edge-of-bed stability
  • Helps ensure safer transfers
  • Minimizes risk of falls and entrapment
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