Pathway Vaginal-Rectal Sensors
Pathway Vaginal-Rectal Sensors
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Pathway Vaginal-Rectal Sensors

BY Sammons Preston SKU SAMP2939
  • Detect electromyographic activity of the pelvic musculature to rehabilitate weak pelvic muscles and/or restore neuromuscular control.
  • A tab at the base of each sensor guides insertion and removal.
  • Sensors can be used with any Pathway EMG unit by connecting the plug to a Universal Adapter.
  • Vaginal and Rectal EMG/Stimulation sensors are compatible with and legally marketed for all high-impedance EMGs and most intracavity stimulators.
  • Used to measure muscle response in response to nerve stimulation
  • Sensors are compatible with all high-impedance EMGs
  • Sensors are compatible with most intracavity stimulators
  • Stimulators and sensors are latex-free to prevent irritation
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