Non-Latex Inflation System Adult
Non-Latex Inflation System Adult
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Non-Latex Inflation System Adult

  • Non-Latex Calibrated® V-Lok® Inflation System
  • Provides a high-quality alternative for natural rubber latex hypersensitive patients and practitioners
  • The inflation bulb and bag are made of a unique blend of neoprene
  • Resistant to ozone, acids, bases, alcohols, and various hydrocarbons
  • Retains the feel and function of natural rubber latex parts
  • Distinctive terra-cotta color for easy identification
  • Air-Flo® Control Valve body and air release mechanism are precision machined brass, nickel, and chrome plated
  • Resilient valve tip made of specially formulated silicone rubber designed for quick recovery and aging resistance
  • Three essential interior parts are made of stainless steel for corrosion-free and non-stick operation: relief pin, relief spring, and valve spring.
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