CryoSolutions® Complete Set
CryoSolutions® Complete Set
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CryoSolutions® Complete Set

BY Miltex SKU MLTX33510
  • Rapid freezing (-127 °F) in a lightweight, self-contained instrument
  • Variety of tip sizes and lengths for a number of treatment options
  • A unique cryosurgical device which reduces treatment time and patient discomfort
  • CryoSolutions is a convenient, in-office treatment utilizing the recognized cryogenic advantage of Liquefied Nitrous Oxide (not a chemical agent). This treatment is appropriate for either benign or malignant lesions due to the effectively low and destructive temperature delivered to the treatment site.
  • CryoSolutions does not require anesthetic as part of the treatment.
  • CryoSolutions produces the expected necrotic tissue outcome with a brief application which should be allowed to slough off naturally. Prolonged application time could cause blistering
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