Emesis Bag Dispenser
Emesis Bag Dispenser
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Emesis Bag Dispenser

BY Medegen Medical Products SKU MMPL3933D
  • Capacity: Deep cylindrical shape holds in excess of 1000 cc/ml (40 fl. oz.) for managing vomit to help prevent spills and costly cleanups.
  • Durable polyethylene construction is lightweight and tear-resistant.
  • Minimize Exposure: Rigid ring support channels fluid into the containment bag to help reduce spillage and manage exposure.
  • Secure Disposal: Twist, close, and hook bag into plastic ring support notch for easy, one-step disposal of contents and emesis bag.
  • Odors are contained during transport.
  • Easy Dispensing: Wall hanging dispenser (3933D) holds folded containment bags securely and facilitates individual dispensing when needed.
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