IV Catheters Stainless Cannula
IV Catheters Stainless Cannula
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IV Catheters Stainless Cannula

BY Exel SKU EXEL26726
  • Easy dispenser pack
  • Functional design casing permitting one action opening and no rolling
  • Color-coded casing cap allows for easier identification of catheter size
  • Translucent catheter hub and flashback chamber allows for easy detection of blood flashback at vein insertion
  • Radio-opaque catheter
  • Precision finished PTFE catheter assures stable flow and eliminates catheter tip kink during venipuncture
  • Can be connected to syringe by removing filter cap to expose Luer taper end.
  • Use of hydrophobic membrane filter eliminates blood leakage
  • Close and smooth contact between catheter tip and inner needle enables safe and smooth venipuncture
  • Crimped smooth engagement between catheter and hub, without use of adhesive, helps eliminate blood residuals and helps reduce blood coagulation or hemolysis
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