Low-Profile Thumb Stabilizer
Low-Profile Thumb Stabilizer
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Low-Profile Thumb Stabilizer

BY Alimed SKU ALI2970002291
  • New thumb extension adds stability and allows for additional pressure on the thumb joint carpal-metacarpal capsule. the thumb extension is proximal to the dip joint.
  • The glove-like design makes it easy to put on without assistance.
  • Stitching in the web space between the thumb and index finger passively acts like a mild "c" bar to maintain the web space. the basic design encourages a neutral hand position.
  • Repeat application of point pressure on the joint capsule relieves pain by reducing edema.
  • The unique pressure button can be accurately placed to provide pressure exactly where needed. the splint is made from a thick, dense beige neoprene composite similar to adding a therapeutic level of force. nylon-lycra interior.
  • Durable, premium leather splint. Gently places thumb in the position of function, yet allows the wearer to perform regular tasks.
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