Evacuation Chair
Evacuation Chair
Evacuation Chair
Evacuation Chair
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Evacuation Chair

BY Evac Chair SKU EVC500H
  • Adjustable patient head restraint: Limits movement, securing the passenger in place
  • The self braking reinforced tracks control speed of descent for easy single person operation
  • Ergonomic adjustable handle for ease of deployment and compact storage
  • Reflective decals For easy location in situations of poor visibility
  • Quick release safety belts for increased passenger safety and security
  • Heavy duty wheels Ideal for operation over uneven terrain
  • Lockable rear wheels can be applied in situations where the chair needs to remain in a stationary position
  • Fold away grip handle/footrest for use with 2 person operation for added stability
  • Footrest for passenger comfort during transportation
  • Dual position seat allows the user to decide each time which seating position they desire
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