Encore Latex Acclaim Gloves
Encore Latex Acclaim Gloves
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Encore Latex Acclaim Gloves

BY Ansell SKU ANS5795000
  • These latex surgical gloves’ optimal thickness, made possible due to their soft, yet robust formulation, offers wearers the dexterity and tactile sensitivity needed for safe and efficient performance
  • Together, the unique anatomic formers and soft latex formulation of these powder-free surgical gloves have resulted in certification for ergonomic comfort by United States Ergonomics
  • ENCORE® Latex Acclaim surgical gloves feature a smooth external surface, with a micro-textured finish, enabling the safe and secure grip of medical instruments especially when conditions are wet
  • Ansell’s proprietary donning aid technology ensures effortless donning, be it the first don or during intraoperative changes
  • These latex surgical gloves have been tested in accordance with ASTM D6978 and may be safely used to handle a range of chemo drugs.
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