DERM 942 High Frequency Desiccator
DERM 942 High Frequency Desiccator
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DERM 942 High Frequency Desiccator

BY Bovie Medical SKU BOVA942
  • Turn the unit power on utilizing the switch on the left side panel of the unit.
  • Set the power output either by using the dial on the left side of the unit or by the up and down buttons on the handpiece (F). When power level adjustment is being made by the handpiece an audible tone will sound to indicate that the power level has been changed. Depressing and holding the up or down buttons will cause the power settings to change more rapidly for quick adjustment of the output settings. Power output is displayed in “.1” watt increments from 0.1 to 10 watts.
  • When the unit is activated, an audible tone is sounded and the blue active light will illuminate.
  • Slide the standard electrode into the handpiece until it is firmly seated. The handpiece will accept most standard 3/32″ electrodes.
  • To activate the unit, remove the handpiece from the holder. Place the handpiece in the desired position and depress the activation button.
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