Cybertech SPINE Brace
Cybertech SPINE Brace
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Cybertech SPINE Brace

BY Roscoe Medical SKU ROSCBBSPINE-4550
  • Utilizes triple woven nylon as opposed to shoestring for the pulley cord - enhances product durability.
  • One-step pulley system achieves full circumferential compression as opposed to the favoring of one side to another.
  • 1-hand, 1-second adjustability provides patient convenience and control for greater compliance.
  • Rotating type pulley mechanism allows for true 6:1 mechanical advantage for greater spine support.
  • The corset's rear power unit is removable for easy care and cleaning. The mechanical advantage pulley system is guaranteed for the life of the medical brace.
  • The patient can adjust the tension with one hand while standing, sitting, walking or driving.
  • Single front fastener makes the brace easy to don or doff.
  • Rear power unit is removable for easy care and cleaning.
  • Specially designed nylon mesh side panel maximizes air flow.
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