CoaguChek XS Bundle Kit
CoaguChek XS Bundle Kit
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CoaguChek XS Bundle Kit

BY Roche Diagnostics SKU RCHE08468753001
  • CoaguChek XS uses a capillary whole blood sample from a simple fingerstick test to determine prothrombin and international normalized ratio (PT/INR) results, on-the-spot at the point of care.
  • Instant results eliminate waiting for laboratory results to be returned, and offer increased peace of mind when monitoring Vitamin K antagonist therapy.
  • CoaguChek XS Meter includes several features which have been designed to make use as simple and hassle-free as possible.
  • The test strips required for use with this device have large top and side dosing areas, enabling easy sample application. This application occurs outisde of the meter, which helps avoid cross-contamination and ensures clean testing.
  • CoaguChek XS is the only blood testing meter with inbuilt quality control. It examines every test strip for integrity while performing the required VKA analysis: both tests are done on a single chamber of the test strip.
  • CoaguChek XS Meter allows practitioners to manually enter patient identification information, and add comments after results are delivered.
  • This device also offers extensive data management options, designed to help practitioners streamline data management across a facility.
  • The device has exceptional memory capacity, capable of storing 300 patient results with the test date and time. 
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