CardioResting Bluetooth ECG Mobile System
CardioResting Bluetooth ECG Mobile System
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CardioResting Bluetooth ECG Mobile System

BY Nasiff Associates SKU NSFCC-ECG1BTM
  • Meets newest FAA standards for EKG report submission.
  • Simultaneous Interpretive 12- lead Acquisition of your PC ECG/PC EKG.
  • ECG Interpretation Classes: MIs, Blocks, Enlargements, Axis; over 100 calls.
  • Real-time 12-, 6-, 3-, 2- or 1- ECG Lead Color Display of ECG/EKG Complex.
  • 10 foot ECG Patient Cable with Locking Replaceable Leads (plus 3 feet)
  • Full Patient Demographics and Information.
  • HR with Global Measurements, Complete Interval Values and ST Information.
  • Capture Unlimited ECG/EKG Durations of Patient Data to any Storage Medium.
  • Can connect to the PC through USB or Bluetooth
  • User Selectable Lead Formats on Final ECG/EKG Report.
  • Print Final Report to any Windows Printer.
  • Cardio Card data can be transmitted in real time and after storing. Data can be sent by DICOM, IP and files.
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