AMSure Foley Insertion Trays
AMSure Foley Insertion Trays
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AMSure Foley Insertion Trays

BY Amsino SKU AIIAS880
  • Deep tray basin designed to prevent contamination
  • Gloves and Povidone Iodine Swab sticks help maintain sterility and minimized risk of infection
  • Sterile, Latex Free, DEHP Free and BPA Free
  • Trays include: 1000 mL collection basin, (3) Povidone-iodine swab sticks or benzalkonium chloride prep pad, vinyl powder-free gloves, waterproof underpad 13 in. x 18 in. (33.02 cm x 45.72 cm), lubrication jelly, fenestrated drape
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