Carex® Commode Liner
Carex® Commode Liner
Carex® Commode Liner
Carex® Commode Liner
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Carex® Commode Liner

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  • Each bag can be used up to three times, giving you an adequate amount of uses before running out.
  • Each liner holds up to two quarts of liquidEach bedside commode liner is durable, so you won't have to worry about breakage or spills.
  • Universal fit with most commodes, uplift commodes, or potty chairs. They quickly and easily fit with most commodes to provide easy use and disposal.
  • Disposal and removal is easy. To replace the liner, close up the bag, tie up the handles, and place in the garbage. Replacing each liner is quick, painless, and won't leave any mess.
  • Super absorbent powder dries up liquid and reduces smells. Each commode liner with a super absorbent pad helps reduce smells, keeps messes down, and disposes of quick and easy.
  • Won't rip. Our potty chair liners are durable with a thick build to keep from ripping or tearing.
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